In association with underground dirty ass pimps, we are able to find some amateur black hoes who just love that sticky icky. We parade these girls into the office and why they are spreading their assholes for money. Damn I love hood rats! Download the trailer of Lickable at Pimp Parade Thanks to a pimp named Heavyweight we got a brand new hoe to show y'all. Now you might be wondering why we call him Heavyweight, it's because this mothafucka is 6'5 and weighs more than your refrigerator. But I guess when you are heavyweight in the pimp game you are able to bring in a solid thick throughbred hoe like he did. Meet his girl "Lickable" She's got what you like player ASS AND TITTIES! This is one of the baddest bitches I've seen in a while y'all. And she's not just a fine hoe who likes to get fucked, she worked that mouth up and down, side to side all over a dick. Yes this bitch is BAD!

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