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Luscious Little Hoodrat Sluts!
These bitches came into the studio expecting a sexy modeling shoot but she got more than she asked for! The director interviewed her for a bit and then had her change into a sexy dress so he could get some test shots of them. He took her picture for awhile and then started to fondle her chocolate pussy. Luscious Louis was getting ultra horny from his actions and greedily took his big ebony dick in her mouth. Finally both of them wanted to fuck so Roxxie laid back and spread her legs open to accept his huge fuck stick. He drilled it into her as she begged him for more. He tore up that pussy for awhile until finally he came in her mouth.
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Puerto Rican Trick Gets Fucked!
We just had to do it big for you guys out there. We got our shit ready and were ready to make it rain on these sexy ass bitches. We reserved the VIP and it was a wrap! All types of debauchery going on! We had these chicks going nuts over the stacks and had them popping and locking like there was no tomorrow. Truly a sight to behold my friends. We had little thing going and they took that shit to the back room, and best believe I was there to film it! My Boy didnt take it easy on her either, he tore that fat ass down and had her moaning and wobbling that juicy fucking booty! Truly a great update my friends and one for the types!
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Good Times, Smooth Black Pussies!
I love to watch that big booty bounce and bounce and bounce. These Bitches came to tear it up and bounce all over the cock. I loved watching that ass shake all over the place, especially when they are oiled up and slapped down. They demonstrated the double ass stack in perfect form. Then, my boy came out to see what was going on. He was very excited to see two huge asses bouncing around. He instantly brought them inside to get the fucking started. They teamed up on the cock and licked and sucked on it.
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Cum Guzzling Ebony Threesome!
Damn...3 certified 10 dimes in any state,city,or neighborhood...These girls have it ALL...The looks the tits and oh my that ASS...These girls brung it and took real nice car of our guy...Its safe to say he was really pleased wih the service... and i would really really like to see seconds SOON! I hope those 3 cum back quick! Chekc out the trailer!!!
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Busty Hoes Know How T' Roll!
Best of Both Worlds here people. One is packing one the biggest ASSES on the internet and the other one can knock someone unconscious with her HUGE BREASTS. With this combination you cant go wrong. Watch my boy try his hardest to contain his nut while bangin these 5 bitches. Damn sucks for the last one cause there won't be any dick left to suck or fuck. These bitches are going to suck this motha fucka dry.
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Nasty Bangin' Deep Sout Trick
Only thing better than one bubble butt round and brown ass is Three. These hoes came for some ass worship. 4 thunderous booties in one film. Can not ask for much more. We were outside enjoying the sun and the baby oil dripping off those huge asses. I just wanted to bite both chocolate booties. Toasty brown nipples and pretty faces were enough to get this thing on inside for the real deal. Lee Bang was sitting on the bed when I walked in with these fine ladies. He was ready to do some pussy and ass licking.
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Horny Bikini Black Ghetto Bitches
Waz up playas!? Documentin' my homies rapping skills is a trip son! His bitches are off da fuckin hook raunchy!! These are some mother fuckin freaky hoe bitches and are down fo some nasty shit! Anal, ass da mouf' whatever yo in da mood fo son, this shit is jus' wild! He brought out his A n B list and some of these bitches are jus' flat ready on ther knees waitin' fo a brothas cock t get shoved up in ther'! I'm all fo it! Ain't no tellin' whats up wit these hoes when a brotha comes over to a playas crib, ya know? Big asses, sloppy titties, wet dick suckin lips and some juicy ass pussies! WHOOO shit son! I'm tellin' ya no doubt yo dick is gonna get rock hard with these bitches!!
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Ghetto Booty Sun Shyne Keeps Da Brothas Up!
Come ova and play wit dees hoes at my honies crib! My boi is pimpin out dis gurl Sun Shyne, once you see da hoe ya'll know why dey call dat! I'll tell ya what tho, that ass is shinin' bright and dat juicy pussy is just ripe son! Shit gets freaky when she starts suckin everbodies black dick in da house! You gotta see her take that cum and fuck dem brothas proper kidd! Big ol' tasty booty some firm titties, damn it was a hell of a good night yo! Ain't no hotter place than the center of Sun Shyne fo real!
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Off Da Hook And On Der Knees!
Dis ain't no Oprah special son! Dis is da real hardcore shit right here bitches!. And sometimes shit goes off da tracks and things get heavy! Brothas are there to take care of situations like dat.! Lucky tonight tho' these fine black booty sluts are safe riding our cocks in da warehouse. I'm tellin ya kidd, these hoes are some real prime ass and da shit they do!! Oh snap! No doubt these bitches need to be kept in mint, they got what any brotha could eva ask fo', no joke!
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